Disclosures Under Sec 4 of Right to  Information Act 2005 

Department of Power

Nagaland: Kohima

Right to information and obligations of public authorities

Sec 4 (1)(b) of RTI Act 2005

(i) The particulars of its organisation, functions and duties. Click here

(ii) The powers and duties of its officers and employees. Click here

(iii) The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability; Click here

(iv) The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions; Click here

(v) The rules, regulations, instructions, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions; Click here

(vi) a statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control; Click here

(vii) the particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof; Click here

(viii) a statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public; Click here

(ix) a directory of its officers and employees; Click here

(x) the monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations. Click here

(xi) the budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made; Click here

(xii) the manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes; Click here

(xiii) particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorisations granted by it; Click here

(xiv) details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form; Click here

(xv)  the particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use; Click here

(xvi) the names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers; Click here

(xvii) such other information as may be prescribed; and thereafter update these publications every year; Click here



MANUAL 1 : Particulars of the Organisation, Functions and Duties. 

1.1 Background:

The Right to Information Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 2004 and passed by both the houses of Parliament in May 2005. The Act was notified in ‘The Gazette of India ‘on 21st June, 2005 and became operational by the 12th October 2005. The Right to Information Act (RTI Act) will cover all levels of government i.e GOI, State, district and local self governing bodies like Village councils/Panchayats and Municipal bodies. It will also cover non-governmental organizations that are financed substantially with public funds provided by the Government.

The citizens’ right to information has not been explicitly mentioned in the fundamental rights chapter of the Constitution and therefore the RTI Act 2005 was passed by the Parliament to enable all citizens to use their fundamental right to access information from public bodies. This means, every citizen has the right to seek information from any of the bodies as mentioned above wherein it becomes mandatory for the department/body to make the information available as sought for.

The main objective of the manual is to publish details and activities of the department, to the maximum extent of information possible that will be of interest to the common people, so that the need for requesting information in future is minimized in accordance to Sec.4 of RTI Act, 2005.

  1. Name of the Organisation:   Department of Power, Kohima Nagaland.

Department of Power, Nagaland is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of power in the state. The restricted peak demand of the state is about 115 MW. The energy requirement of the state during 2013-14 was around 680 MU but the availability was 640 MU. Bulk of this energy was purchased from the central sector with the lone State generating station, Likim-ro, accounting for 104.12 MU.

  1. MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT: The main mission and vision of the Department adopted is “POWER TO ALL ON DEMAND”.


  1. OBJECTIVES: The main aim and objective of the Department is to reach quality power supply to all categories of consumers both in Urban and Rural areas by constructing Transmission lines, Sub-stations etc. Other function includes maintenance of Transmission and Distribution lines to minimize power supply interruptions and finally the Revenue Collection.

ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE : The organizational structure of Power Department are as under :Click here


Particulars of Power Department in the Civil Secretariat� Organization, Functions and Duties

The Hon�ble Minister of the Department is assisted by a Commissioner & Secretary who, with 2 (Two) Deputy Secretaries and other ministerial staff as below comprise the Administrative Department:

Civil Secretariat
The Hon’ble Minister of the Department is assisted by Commissioner & Secretary who, 1 (one) Additioan Secretary, 1 (one) Joint Secretary, 1 (one) Deputy Secretaries and other ministerial staff as below comprise the Administrative Department:

Administrative Level

  1. Commissioner & Secretary             : 1 No.
  2. Additional Secretary                     : 1 No.
  3. Joint Secretary                                      : 1 No.
  4. Deputy Secretary                         : 1 No.

Ministerial Level

  1. Section Officer                            : 1 No.
  2. Junior Section Officer                    : 2 Nos.
  3. Secretariat Assistant                    : 2 Nos.
  4. LDA                                           : 1 No.
  5. Steno                                        : 1 No.
  6. Typist                                         : 3 Nos.
  7. Peon                                         : 4 Nos.

The Directorate structure of the Department is a vertically bifurcated two functioning Directorates, with Engineer-in-Chief in the top of the Organizational pyramid as Head of department (HoD). Chief Engineer (Transmission & Generation) and Chief Engineer (Distribution & Revenue) heading the two Directorates respectively.

Directorate of Transmission & Generation

  1. Chief Engineer (E)                                           :       1 No.
  2. Chief Engineer (E)                                   :     1 No.
  3. Chief Engineer (C)                                   :     1 No.
  4. Superintending Engineer (E)                              :     2 Nos.
  5. Executive Engineer (E)                                     :     5 Nos.
  6. Executive Engineer (C)                                     :     4 Nos.
  7. Registrar                                                       :     1 No.
  8. Sub-Divisional Officer (E)                                  :    12 Nos.
  9. Engineer (E)                                           :     1 No.
  10. Sub-Divisional Officer (C)                                 :    11 Nos.
  11. Superintendent                                               :     4 Nos.
  12. Superintendent                                        :     5 Nos.
  13. Junior Engineer (E)                                          :    12 Nos.
  14. Junior Engineer (C)                                          :    31 Nos.
  15. Field Staff                                                     :  236 Nos.
  16. Ministerial staff                                               :  730 Nos.
  17. Accounts Officer                                        :     1 No.
  18. Accounts Staff                                                :    75 Nos.

Directorate of Distribution & Revenue

  1. Chief Engineer (E)                                           :     1 No.
  2. Chief Engineer                                        :        1 No.
  3. Superintending Engineer (E)                              :     3 Nos.
  4. Executive Engineer (E)                                     :    15 Nos.
  5. Sub-Divisional Officer (E)                                  :    40 Nos.
  6. Junior Engineer (E)                                          :  110 Nos.
  7. Junior Engineer (MIS)                                       :     5 Nos.
  8. Field Staff                                                     : 1265 Nos.

Address of the Organization:

  1. Commissioner & Secretary, Power Department, Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima.
  2. Engineer In Chief (T&G), Department of Power, Nagaland, Kohima.

Phone: 0370-2243149, Fax – 0370-2240178

  1. Chief Engineer (D&R), Department of Power, Nagaland, Kohima.

Phone: 0370-2243149, Fax – 0370-2224423


Office Time: As per Govt. notification issued from time to time.


MANUAL II : Powers and duties of Officers and Employees.

  1. Details of Powers and duties of officers: Name and Designation given in Manual IX

Powers and Duties of the Administrative Office:

1 Commissioner & Secretary Supervision of the Department as Administrative Head; Giving right direction to the Department; Framing plan and policy in relation to the Department under the Hon’ble Minister of the Department.
2 Additional Secretary To assist the Commissioner & Secretary in running the Administrative Department; to supervise the branch; etc
3 Joint Secretary
4 Deputy Secretary


Powers and Duties of the Directorate:

  1. Chief Engineer and Addl. Chief Engineer (HoD):

The Chief Engineer is the head of department and is responsible for the efficient administration and direction of the overall establishment and works within its jurisdiction. He exercises full technical and supervisory control over the Officers and staff in the department. He is assisted by two Additional Chief Engineers, four SE (Elect), one SE (Civil), Executive Engineers & other officers in the Directorate. His Administrative & Financial powers are as per NPWD code and Delegation Financial & Cognate Power Rules 1964 amended from time to time.


  1. Superintending Engineer:There are two Electrical and one Civil Circle headed by Superintending Engineers. Superintending Engineer is responsible for supervision of various works under divisions under his circle as per the NPWD code. The two SE (Elect) are also the designated Chief Executive Officers for works taken up under Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (APDRP) under their respective circles. His Administrative & Financial powers are as per NPWD code and Delegation Financial & Cognate Power Rules 1964 amended from time to time.


  1. Executive Engineers (Divisional Officers):The Executive Engineers in the Divisions are the executive unit of the department and he is responsible and accountable for the efficient execution and measurement of all works within his division. He can appoint and dismiss work charged employees subject to the powers delegated to him. He is responsible for supervision of various works under the sub-divisions under his division and he is also the DDO for all works and disbursement of salaries and wages of all employees under his division. He is also responsible for overall operation & maintenance of Transmission, Distribution and Revenue Management within his division. A Divisional Accounts is posted Treasuries & Accounts to assist the Divisional Officer in all accounts matters as per NPWD & Account code.


  1. Sub-Divisional Officer:The Sub-Divisional Officers are responsible to the Executive Engineer for all management and execution of works within his sub-division. A sub-division is constituted by a number of sections, for which a Junior Engineer (JE) is posted to assist the Sub-Divisional Officer. The SDO (Elect) are responsible and accountable for billing, collection and accounting of Electricity Bills within his sub-division. Activities like new service connection, disconnection & Reconnection of supply, consumer servicing, operation & maintenance of lines and sub-stations are enforced by the SDO (Elect) under the direction & supervision of the Executive Engineer.
           Duties and responsibilities of Grade – III Staff: List of names in Annex-I
Sl.  No.  Designation of employee Duty allotment
1 Registrar Head of the Establishment branches/sections of the Directorate. All Files except technical matters are routed through him by all the office superintendents under his control. He is also responsible for enforcing discipline, punctuality and regular attendance of all staff under his administrative control. He reports directly to Chief Engineer (Power).
2 Superintendent Head of the Establishment of concerned branches in the directorate. All Files of the branch are routed through him/her under his/her control to the Registrar.
3 Head Assistant Head of the Establishment branch in the division office/ sub-division office. All the corresponding files of the office are routed through him/her. He is also responsible for enforcing discipline, punctuality and regular attendance of all staff under his administrative control. He reports directly to the Executive Engineer/Sub-Divisional Officer
4 Ministerial staff UDA/LDA Compiling and recording of all official correspondence as endorsed/assigned by the office superintendent or  /DHA/SDHA
5 Meter Reader Overall responsible for taking meter reading of the consumer and distribution of electricity Bills to the consumers for payment of Electricity Bills.
6 Bill Assistant Keeping the records of meter Reading, posting of bills and payment of Electricity Bill details in the consumers’ ledger.
7 Field Staff Lineman/Asst Lineman/Electrician New Electrification works, Operation & Maintenance of overhead HT/LT lines and sub-stations, Fuse call duties, New service connections, Disconnection & Reconnection of line.


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MANUAL � III :  The procedure followed in decision  making process including channels of supervision and accountability.

Sl. No. Activity Level of Action Time Frame
1 New Electrification works Electrification works including power projects throughout the state are undertaken by the department of power. Most of the projects are funded under CSS/State plan and negotiated loan.

Most of the works are executed departmentally through various Electrical, Transmission, generation and civil Circles & divisions, though some works are also executed through turn-key contract under the supervision of the Superintending Engineers/Executive Engineers/SDO /JE of the department.

For works taken up departmentally, procurement of materials is done centrally by the Chief Engineer (Power) after observing all codal formalities as per NPWD code and Financial and cognate power rules 1964 amended from time to time. Thereafter, the works are executed by the working divisions as per the technical specifications, work schedule and allocation of fund.

On the recommendation of the Chief Engineer (Power), the fund for executing works are made available to the DDOs i.e Executive Engineers in the form of Drawal Authority by the Govt. The funds are utilized after observing all NPWD and Account codes. The Executive Engineers are responsible and accountable for all such works and expenditures. Monthly accounts as per the Account code are submitted to the Accountant General Nagaland. The Accountant General Conducts Audit of all transactions of the department on a yearly basis.

Minor works:
3 to 6 MonthsMajor Power project: 5 to 6 Years


2 Operation & Maintenance Maintenance works include Transmission, distribution, sub-stations, transformers, power stations, buildings and roads etc.

Routine preventive Maintenance: This is done in order to avoid total breakdown and the resultant prolonged blackout due to breakdown of electrical lines and equipments. It includes replacement/servicing of old equipments like insulators, conductors, poles, transformers and other protective switchgears, augmentation of overloaded transformers, filtration & replacement of damaged transformer oil, among others.

Breakdown Maintenance: This can happen due to line faults in transmission & distribution lines, damage of transformers, generators, turbines etc. Department have to take shutdown of the lines/substations/generating stations as the case maybe and carry out repair and replacement works for restoration of power supply.




1 Week





Depends on the nature and extent of breakdown

3 New Service connection This activity is to provide power connections to consumers. The intending consumers can approach the respective Executive Engineers/SDO (Elect)
. The new service connections are provided on payment of the cost of materials by the intending consumers.
Service connection
Within 1 month.
4 Consumer servicing  Department provides this facility to the consumers for restoration of power supply during disruptions. Fuse call centres with telephone are available in towns manned by the technical personals for the consumers to avail the services. In the villages, the consumers can directly approach the field staff posted. As soon as possible.
5 Revenue Management Department of power is responsible for billing and collection of electricity bills in the state. The electricity bills are prepared and served on a monthly basis based on the number of units consumed by the consumers which is recorded in the meters fitted in the consumer’s premise. The tariff is decided by the Govt. which varies from category of the consumers like Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Bulk etc.

The consumers can pay electricity bills in the office of the SDO (Elect) of the area or other payment counters authorized by the department. The consumers are required to pay their electricity bills within 45 days. In case of non-payment, 7 days notice for payment is served to the consumers, failing which the power supply is disconnected by the department. Reconnection of power supply is effected only on receipt of the full payment of the dues along with Disconnection & Reconnection charges as prescribed in the Tariff.

All such records of the transactions of bill and payments are maintained in the respective offices of the SDO (Elect).

The Revenue collection of the Department for 2012-13 was Rs. 67.60 Cr.

The Department is headed by a Commissioner & Secretary who is the Administrative Head of the department. All works are executed by the department after obtaining Administrative sanction from the Commissioner & Secretary. Chief Engineer (G&T) and Addl. Chief Engineer (D&R) are the HoD’s and exercises full technical & financial power conferred by the delegation of Financial & Cognate Power Rules 1964 amended from time to time and NPWD code.

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MANUAL � IV :  The norms set for discharge of functions:

The following are the norms / standards set by the department for execution of various activities / programmes.

  1. Transmission, Generation& Distribution:

The following clearances are obtained before execution of any generation projects.

  1. Environment and forest clearances as per the norms of the Ministry of Environment & Forest (MOEF) as required.
  2. Techno-economic clearances as per the norms of the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and the Central Water Commission (CWC) for generation projects.
  3. Pollution clearance as per the norms of the State Pollution Control Board for Transmission and Generation projects.
  4. Construction of road – As per NPWD code
  5. Construction of buildings – the norms as per the NPWD code
  6. All transmission & distribution works – The norms of the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.


  1. Survey & Investigation for Various Power Projects:

The norms set by the Central Water Commission (CWC), Geological Survey of India (GSI), Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is followed. Further, the norms of the Ministry of Environment & Forest are followed for the Environmental Impact Assessment.

  1. Accounting:

NPWD code and Delegation of Financial and cognate Power Rules 1964, amended from time to time.


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MANUAL � V :  The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions.


Sl.  No. Name of the Acts, Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual, Records etc. Type of Document Brief gist of the document From where one can get a copy (Name/Phone No. Fax/e-mail/address etc. Fee charged by the deptt. for a copy of rules, regulations, instructions, manual & records, (if any) Or the price incase of  priced publications
1 Indian Electricity Rules 1956 Rules Guidelines & technical specifications for Electrical installations including standards for safety. Book Stall This is a priced publication by the Govt. of India
2 Indian Electricity Act 2003 Act Reforms & Restructuring of power sector in generation, Transmission & Distribution.
National electricity policy licensing, transmission, distribution, tariff regulation, works of
licensees, electricity regulatory Commission.
Book Stall This is a priced publication by the Govt. of India
3 General Conditions of Supply Rules Procedures & Conditions for
New connections, billing & payment of electricity bills, Tariff.
Office of the Chief Engineer (Power), Kohima, on demand.
4 Additional General Conditions of Supply of Electricity to villages 2002 Rules Same as above for VEMBs under Communitisation programme. Office of the Chief Engineer (Power), Kohima, on demand.
5 Model Rules 2002 for Communitisation of Electricity Management in Villages. Rules & Procedures Implementation of Single point Metering, formation of VEMBs, billing & payment of bills through VEMBs. Office of the Chief Engineer (Power), Kohima, on demand.


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MANUAL � VI :  A  statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control.


Sl.  No. Name/Nature/Category of the document. Name of the document & its introduction in one line Procedure to obtain the document Held by/under control of
1 Land and buildings Sale deeds, Land allotment etc Department
2 Agreements Power Purchase, Agreement with Consumers, Contract Agreements. Department
3 Tender Bid documents For works Department
4 List of Consumers & other details Consumer ledger Sub-Divisions
5 Measurement Books Measurement of works Not for sale Divisions
6 Monthly Account Monthly receipt & expenditure account Divisions
7 Stock Account Stock receipt & issue Divisional stores

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MANUAL � VII :  The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by  the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or administration.

There is no such policies where public representation is required in formulation of the policies except in matters related to Communitization of Electricity Management in Villages & Urban Areas where public are represented by Village/Urban Electricity Management Boards.


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MANUAL � VIII :  A statement of boards, Council, Committees and other bodies constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meeting of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.


Please provide information on boards, councils committees and other bodies related to the public authority in the following format :

  1. Name and address of the Affiliated Body    : Annex- III (List of VEMBs)
  2. Type of Affiliated Body                                            : Boards
  3. Brief introduction of the Affiliated Body                    :
  4. a) Formation of Village Electricity Management Board (VEMB) from 2002-03 onwards
  5. b) Distribution of bills & Collection in the village and payment to the department.
  6. c) Control of theft of energy, safe custody of lines & equipments
  7. d) Coordinate with the department for stable and quality power supply.
  8. e) Incentive @ 20% Role of the Affiliated Body  : Management of Electricity in the village with a Business Partnership with the department.
  9. Structure and Member Composition        : 5 to 9 members representing each khel. Minimum of at least one Woman member
  10. Head of the Body                                        : The Chairman
  11. Address of main office and its Branches       : As per the Annex- (List of VEMBs)
  12. Frequency of meetings                                 : Once in every month
  13. Whether meetings open to public ?   : Can Participate

10.Whether minutes accessible to public ?         : Yes. Apply to the Board.

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Manual IX : A Directory of its officers and employees

Directory of Officers and Staff of Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima

Directorate of Engineer-in-Chief

1 Er.G.Chishi E-in-C 9436012325 Engineer-in-Chief
2 Er. Temjensangba A.C.E 9862532760 Asst. Chief Engineer O/o E-in-C
3 Smti. Imtikumla Registrar 9436267392 Registrar O/o E-in-C


Directorate of Transmission & Generation

1 Er.Rokozhalie Angami   CE (T&G) 9436005605 CE (T&G)
2 Er.K.K.Awomi Addl. CE(T&G) 9612164583 Addl. CE(T&G)
3 Er.Indianoba Tally SE (E) 9436208715 SE(Gen) O/o E-in-C(T&G)
4 Er.Shikato Sema SE(E) 9436003338 SE(Trans) O/o E-in-C(T&G)
5 Er. Vitoshe K Rochill Addl.CE (C) 9436002420 Addl.CE(C)  O/o CE (T&G)
6 Er.V.Nakhro SE (C) 9436000829 SE (C) Circle
7 Er. Mhonlumo Kikon EE (E) 9436005616 EE (T)MKG
8 Er.P.Yanthan EE (E) 9436010285 EE (E) Generation
9 Er. B.Tiameren EE (E) 9436260852 EE (T) Kma.
10 Er. Suralo EE (E) 8787629950 EE (T) O/o E-in-C
11 Er.Nitovi.A.Wotsa EE (E) 9856052256 EE (T) DMR.
12 Er. Visakho Therie EE (C) 9436000573 EE (Civil) Hydro Kma
13 Er. Anthony N Dzuvichu EE (C) 9436011231 EE (C) Likimro
14 Er. Neiyie Neikha EE (C) 9436601409 EE (C) O/o E-in-C (T&G)
15 Er. N.C. Tiwari EE (C) 9436601312 EE (Civil) Hydel Kma
16 Er. Chonrothung Ezung SDO (E) 9436002217 SDO(E) O/o EE(T) Dmp
17 Er. Shiludi Longkumer SDO (E) 9856070292 SDO (E) O/o EE(T)Mkg.
18 Er. Chubatemsu Ao SDO (E) 8729921754 SDO (T) Kiphire.
19 Er. Lengminlal Singson SDO (E) 9089874703 SDO (T) Kma.
20 Er. T. Thungbemo SDO (E) 9612724249 AE (E) Trans MKG
21 Er. Thanyalo Kath SDO (E) 7005603152 SDO(TC) O/oCE (T&G)
22 Er. Rokobeito Iralu SDO (E) 9436832020 SDO (T) Dmp
23 Er. T. Nyoingam Konyak SDO (E) 9366279155 SDO(TC) O/oCE (T&G)
24 Er. Miaziekho Kehie SDO (TC) 9089490980 SDO(TC) O/oCE (T&G)
25 Er. C. Trongdise Sangtam SDO (TC) 9862692378 SDO(TC) O/oCE (T&G)
26 Er. Kasheto Achumi SDO (C ) 9402009064 SDO (Hydro) Tsg.
27 Er. Niljeet Singh P. SDO (C ) 9436607589 SDO (Hydro) Aboi
28 Er. Nitoho SDO (C ) 9402440492 SDO (Hydel) Akaito
29 Er. Kikrusenuo SDO (C ) 9436062659 SDO (Hydel) Kma.
30 Er. Kahoshe SDO (C ) 9856772153 SDO (Hydel) Kma.
31 Er. Khasu Kath SDO (C ) 9436421111 SDO (C) Likimro
32 Er. Nyushiti Katiry SDO (E) 8974580472 SDO(TC) Likimro O/o EE(Gen) Kma
33 Eyovol Rhetso SDO (E) SDO Gen, Kma
34 Er. Kekhriesalhou SDO (C ) 9436608810 SDO (C) Hydro Mkg.
35 Er. Mercy Zhimomi SDO (C ) 9436072770 SDO (C) Longmatra
36 Er. Zubenthung Patton SDO (C ) 8974632290 SDO (Hydel), Zbto
37 Er. Vezota Khusah SDO (C ) 8014686311 SDO(TC), CE(T&G)
38 Er. P.Luchamo Kikon SDO (C ) 9436001295 SDO(TC)O/o SE(C)Kma
39 Er. Nyanpong Konyak SDO (C ) 8731833624 SDO(TC)O/o SE(C)Hydro
40 Shri. Katoshe Superintendent 8974222878 Supdt. O/o CE(T&G)
41 Smti. Akala Superintendent 9856242692 Supdt. O/o CE(T&G)
42 Smti. Holyni Superintendent 9436811117 Supdt. O/o CE(T&G)
43 Shri. P.Kiyeto Swu Superintendent 9402841484 Supdt. O/o CE(T&G)

Directorate of Distribution & Revenue

1 Er.Khose Sale CE (D&R) 9436005291 CE (D&R)
2 Er.Keviletuo Yiese Addl.CE(T&G) 9436000497 Addl.CE O/o E-in-C (T&G)
3 Er.Moatemsu Aier SE (E) 9436003989 SE(Revenue) CE(D&R)
4 Er.Nribemo Mozhui SE (E) 9612457518 SE(E) Mkg
5 Er.B.Imti SE (E) 9436001869 SE(E) Dmp
6 Er. Aron Sema EE (E) 9402845614 EE (E) PHK
7 Er. Asangba Tikhir EE (E) 8974363552 EE(E) Mon
8 Er.R.Lobosang Jamir EE (E) 9436001764 EE (E) MKG
9 Er.Atoho Achumi EE (E) 9436008964 EE (E) Zbto.
10 Er.V.Kezo EE (E) 9436002732 EE(D1) O/o CE(D&R)
11 Er.Atoho Jakhalu EE (E) 9436002696 EE(D2) O/o CE(D&R)
12 Er.Lithrichum Sangtam EE (E) 9436430807 EE (E) Store
13 Er. Ahoto Aye EE (E) 9436010114 EE (E)TSG
14 Er.Rukongutuo Suohu EE (E) 9436009945 EE (E) Kma
15 Er. Abenthung Ngullie EE (E) 9436003709 EE (E) WKA
16 Er. Imsenkaba EE (E) 9436003805 EE(E) DMP
17 Er.Kasho Chishi EE (E) 9436005430 EE(E) CMDA
18 Er. Moameren EE (E) 9436009309 EE(E) Ctn
19 Er. B.Tiameren EE (MIS) 9436260852 EE (MIS) Dmr.
20 Er.N.Myingthungo Ngullie EE (E) 9436001641 EE (E) Peren
21 Er. Khriechusa Kire EE(E) 9436010283 EE (E) Kiphire
22 Er. A. Ritachu Thurr SDO (E) 8974852194 SDO (E) III KMA
23 Er. Solomon Sekhose SDO (E) 9774034432 SDO (E) II Kma.
24 Er. Y.Pukhashe SDO (E) 9615677864 SDO (E) ZBTO
25 Er. Nzanbemo Odyuo SDO (E) 9856006297 SDO(E) Mkg
26 Er. Vikhozolie Nisa SDO (E) 7005405146 SDO (E) Tuli
27 Er. Tsiamchi Ndang SDO (E) 9856860400 SDO (E) I Kma
28 Er. Lhuvoyi SDO (E) 8974407027 SDO (E) II TSG
29 Er. Orenvungo S. Ovung SDO (E) 9089575297 SDO (E) Wokha
30 Er. K. Tingtenmoie Konyak SDO (E) 9436609214 SDO (E) Store DMR
31 Shri. Meren Sangtam SDO (E) SDO(TC) Store DMR
32 Er. Albert Ovung SDO (E) 9402111777 SDO (E) LMTC, DMR
33 Er. S. P. Singh SDO (E) 9856015719 SDO (E) Pfutsero
34 Er. Hokiye Sema SDO (E) 9436261527 SDO (E) MDZ
35 Er. Chutsusie Thowachu SDO (E) 8974521226 SDO (E) Kiphire
36 Er. Keduozotuo Rutsa SDO (E) 9774566578 SDO (TC) O/oCE(D&R).
37 Er. Chenosing Kemp SDO (E) 8575293231 SDO (E) Nagi’mora
39 Er. Kenyube Keppen SDO (E) 8014638928 SDO (E) CMDA
40 Shri. P. Zubenthung SDO (E) SDO (E) Longleng
41 Er. Hekaito Assumi SDO (E) 9402228413 SDO (E) Phek
42 Er.Namheu Khate Zeliang SDO (E) 9436000800 SDO (E) I DMR
43 Er. Y. Akito Sema SDO (E) 9436659722 SDO (E) II DMR
44 Er. Nungsangtoba Jamir SDO (E) 9436604436 SDO (E) III DMR
45 Shri. Imkongwati SDO (E) SDO(E) Ctn
46 Shri. Inavi Sema SDO (E) 9862304988 SDO (E) Akuluto
47 Er. C T Sutsung Aier SDO (E) 9436439548 SDO (TC)  Mkg
49 N. Rumphio SDO (E) SDO(E), Pungro
50 Hokiye SDO(E) 9436013918 SDO(E), Mdz
52 C. Thungbemo Lotha SDO(E) 8974543334 SDO(E) Sanis
53 Yanpamo Odyou SDO(E) 9436601148 SDO(E), Jalukie
54 Er. V. Hukato Jimo SDO(E) 8014636700 SDO(E), Peren
55 Er. Jonathan Khing SDO (E) 8794143008 SDO(TC) O/oCE(D&R)
56 Er. David Tungoe SDO (E) 9774487090 SDO(TC) O/oCE(D&R)
57 Er. Moichung Shembu Phom SDO (E) 7005170714 SDO(TC) O/oCE(D&R)
58 Er. Akavi Chophy SDO(MIS) 9436260924 SDO(MIS) Dmr


  1. Directory of Staff/Employees:


Non Gazetted Staffs



MANUAL � X :  The monthly Remuneration received by each of its officers and employees including the  System of Compensation as provided in Regulations



The monthly Remuneration received by each of its Officer (Directorate & Districts)

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Manual XI: The Budget Allocated to each Agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursement made. 


All Rs. In Lakhs
Sl Item Allocation Sl Item Allocation
A NEGOTIATED LOAN 1 Salaries 10976.95
1 Tehok SHEP2X500 KW 151.00 2 Wages 20.88
2 Construction of EE Chumu Office 30.00 3 Travel Expenses 70.00
3 C.E’s Directorate Building, Kohima 30.00 4 Rent, Rates & Taxes 31.51
Sub-Total A 211.00 Sub-Total A 11099.34
B. STATE PROGRAM 1 Office Expenses 85.00
1 Preparation of DPRs for Lower Tizu and Upper Zungki HEPs 200.00 2 Motor Vehicle 77.00
2 Land Development of 100MVA 220/132KV Substaion at Zhadima 50.00 3 Repair & Maintenance 3427.03
3 Construction of 132/33KV 12.5MVA Substation at Doyang near NEEPCO project (Sanis) 1500.00 4 Minor works 38.98
Sub-Total B 1750.00 5 Grant-in-aid 90.62
Grand Total (A+B) 1961.00 6 Machinery & Equipment 25.20
7 Power Purchase 28197.00
Sub-Total B 31940.83
Grand Total (A+B) 43040.17
Total Allocation: 45001.17


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MANUAL � XII :  The Manner of execution of Subsidy Programmes



MANUAL � XIII :  Particulars of recipients of concessions permit or authorisation granted by it.

Please provide the information as per the following format


  1. Name of the programme                                                  :           NA
  2. Name and address of the beneficiary                               :           NA
  3. Type of Concession/Permits/Authorization provided        :      Not applicable.
  4. Purpose for which granted                                                :           -do-
  5. Eligibility                                                                            :           -do-
  6. Criteria for the eligibility                                                   :           -do-
  7. Pre-requisites                                                                     :           -do-
  8. Procedure to avail the benefits                                         :           -do-
  9. Time limit for the concession/permit/Authorisations       :           -do-
  10. Application Fee (where applicable)                                  :           -do-
  11. Application Format (where applicable)                            :           -do-
  12. List of attachments (certificates/documents)                  :           -do-
  13. Format of attachments                                                     :           -do-
  14. List of beneficiaries                                                          :           -do-


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MANUAL � XIV :  Details of Information available in electronic format:

Sl.  No. Information/Activities for which data is available in electronic form Can it be shared with the public ? Is it available on the website or is being used as back end database ? With whom it is held/ available ? Whom to contact
1 Consumer ledger Yes Not available in website. EE (Elect) Dimapur & Kohima EE (Elect) Dimapur & Kohima

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MANUAL � XV :   Particulars of the facilities available to citizens for obtaining information.

Information related to administration, establishment and other technical and revenue matters can be obtained from the Directorate office.

  1. All matters related to administration and establishment can be obtain from Deputy Chief Engineer.
  2. All matters related to technical, like Transmission, Generation and Planning can be obtained from  Addl. CE (T&G).
  3. All matters related to distribution system, Revenue and its related works can be obtained from Addl. CE (D&R).

Particulars of the facilities available to the citizens:

Sl. No. Facility available Nature of Information Working hours
1. Information Centre No
2. Office library No
3. Notice Board Yes Office hours
4. Website No
5. Printed Manual R.E. / VEMB
6. Inspection of records in the Office
7. System of issuing copies of documents As per norm
8. Others

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MANUAL XVI: The names, designation and other particulars of the Public Information Officers.


Name of the Public Authority               : Department of Power

  1. Department Appellate Authority (AA)/PIO/APIO – (Administrative Level).
Name Designation Public Authority
Shri. K.D. Vizo Commissioner & Secretary Appellate Authority
Shri. Sedevikho Khro Additional Secretary PIO
Smti. S. Tainu Joint Secretary APIO


(b) Department Appellate Authority (AA)/PIO/APIO – (Directorate Level).

Name Designation Public Authority
Er. G. Chishi Engineer-in-Chief Appellate Authority
Er. Temjensangba A.C.E PIO
Smti. Intikumla Registrar APIO
Transmission & Generation
Er. Indianoba Tally S.E (Gen) PIO
Er. Suralo E.E (Tech) APIO
Distribution & Revenue
Er. Keviletuo Yiese Addl. C.E. (D&R) PIO
Er. V. Kezo E.E (Design)-II APIO


(c) Public Information Officer (PIO) – (District).

Sl. No. Name Designation Public Authority
1. Er. Rokongutuo Suohu E.E.(E) Kohima PIO
2. Er. Tsiamchi Ndang S.D.O.(E)-I Kohima APIO
3. Er. Imsenkaba E.E.(E) Dimapur PIO
4. Er Namheu Khate S.D.O.(E)-I Dimapur APIO
5. Er. Kasho Chishi E.E.(E) Chumukedima PIO
6. Er. Kenyubu Keppen S.D.O.(E) Chumukedima APIO
7. Er. Myingthungo Ngullie E.E.(E) Peren PIO
8. Er. V.Hukato Jimo S.D.O.(E) Peren APIO
9. Er. R. Lobosang E.E.(E) Mokokchung PIO
10. Er. Nzanbemo Odyuo S.D.O.(E) Mokokchung APIO
11. Er. Moameren E.E.(E) Changtongya PIO
12. Shri. Imkongwati S.D.O.(E) Changtongya APIO
13. Er. Aron Sema E.E.(E) Phek PIO
14. Er. Hekaito Assumi S.D.O.(E) Phek APIO
15 Er. Abenthung Ngullie E.E.(E) Wokha PIO
16 Er. Orenvungo S. Ovung S.D.O.(E) Wokha APIO
17 Er. Atoho Achumi E.E.(E) Zunheboto PIO
18 Shri. Y. Pukhashe S.D.O.(E) Zunheboto APIO
19 Er. Khriechusa Kire E.E.(E) Kiphire PIO
20 Er. Chutsusie Thowachu S.D.O.(E) Kiphire APIO
21 Er. Ahoto Aye E.E.(E) Tuensang PIO
22 Er. Lhuvoyi S.D.O.(E)-II Tuensang APIO
23. Er. Asangba Tikhir E.E.(E) Mon PIO
24 Er. Chenosing Kemp S.D.O.(E) Mon APIO


MANUAL � XVII :  Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update every year.


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